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PAX Highlights from the GameChasers!

Just wanted to give a special thanks to Billy & Jay from the GameChasers for the amazing love for Cinemassacre, Cinevore, & OverAnalyzers in this vlog. We love you, too, guys! PS: That impromptu party *was* pretty cool. That’s why I love game conventions. Thanks for “playing along” with us crazy people.  

September 13, 2011 – Philadelphia

I’m co-hosting¬† this awesome fundraiser as my alternate persona, Susie Filmmaker, THIS TUESDAY to help 200 filmmakers receive education, exhibition & career-connections at Project Twenty1′s annual Philadelphia Film & Animation Festival! These programs help aspiring filmmakers develop their creative skills while also preparing them for the business realities of the entertainment industry. Tuesday, September 13 […]

Board James: Loopin’ Louie

Remember how I was posting all sorts of vague messages on Twitter, Facebook & Google+ about coming to certain rooms at certain times at this year’s PAX? That’s because I was doing production coordination for this super-fun Board James Loopin’ Louie episode! Thank you to all the fans on social media that met up with […]

TMNT Pizza Taste Test BTS

Click here to watch the video first Behind the Scenes Musings: At first it was all good – sure, fudge and garlic tasted really nasty on pizza, but it was fun seeing our friends’ reactions. The yogurt looked gross, but tasted fine. The sardines smelled wretched, but were still tolerable. And then there was “Strawberry […]

AVGN PAX Prime BTS Musings

Behind the Scenes Musings Some friends and I were out one night, discussing the famous Board James Mr. Bucket Episode. “I wish there was a way to make Mr. Bucket radio controlled,” I said, “It would be hilarious to chase James around at conventions and whatnot.” Ryan, the webmaster behind and founder of Screenwave […]