AVGN PAX Prime BTS Musings

Behind the Scenes Musings
Some friends and I were out one night, discussing the famous Board James Mr. Bucket Episode.

“I wish there was a way to make Mr. Bucket radio controlled,” I said, “It would be hilarious to chase James around at conventions and whatnot.”

Ryan, the webmaster behind Cinemassacre.com and founder of Screenwave Media, opened his eyes wide. “Yeaaaaah…”

Usually, Ryan says, “Yeaaaah,” when I make stupid suggestions (of which I have many), so we just moved onto the next topic.

But a few days later, I received this SMS:

No way! It can’t be. It’s not possible. It’s…it’s….


Jeeze, I need to be careful what I say around Ryan – he makes shit happen. “Gee, Ryan, I sure would like a Doomsday Device, wouldn’t that be grand?”

Also, I just noticed – is that a baby seat behind him in the above photo? I can’t imagine what Mr. Bucket would do to an innocent child – that’s Pedobear-level frightening.

So, after making the epitome of evil mobile, Ryan wasn’t sure how the heck to get Mr. Bucket through TSA (“I swear, sir, it’s just a hollowed out toy, not a nuclear device! Stop anally probing me!”) Thankfully, Mr. Bucket made it to Seattle in one piece, just in time for the PAX AVGN panel (click here if you didn’t see the video).

I figured that Mr. Bucket would get an audience reaction, but I was not expecting fans to actually try to *trip* Mr. Bucket and throw stuff at him in an attempt to rescue James from his ball-sucking clutches. Awww, that’s actually really sweet. You’re my hero:

After the panel, we had some fun scaring PAX people and the general residents of Seattle with Mr. Bucket. Towards the end of the day, people started actually tossing change into him. Hilarious, but probably a violation of some panhandling laws.

Mr Bucket nearly burned out his motor trying to get up all of those Seattle hills, so we captured him and whisked him back to Philadelphia in his reinforced Mr. Bucket Containment Unit.

Last week, Mr. Bucket was spotted in the kitchen of a residential home. Could this be a sign of a Mr. Bucket army uprising? We can’t be sure, but it it does happen, we’ll be ready for it.

Run along little ball-sucker. Run along.

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